Krystal Baller

Three Tips for Success

Three Tips for Success

The meaning of success tends to evolve in our minds as we evolve. When I think of what I wanted when I was a teen, in my 20s, and now in my 30s, the big picture has definitely shifted. Oftentimes, we achieve the success we dreamed of in the past but lack those...

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How to Boost Facebook Engagement

How to Boost Facebook Engagement

We are living in a weird time.  Connected globally at a level never seen before, yet so disconnected from each other and our humanity.  People existing in the same spaces are living their lives as strangers. I remember being a 12-year-old girl witnessing the birth of...

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The Live Loud Collective

We’re Charlotte based and 100-percent focused on female entrepreneurs.
A community of fearless and fiery Charlotte, N.C.-based female entrepreneurial muses and visionaries who celebrate the art of living loud by creating and growing businesses are core values that support each member’s individual definition of success and joy through an =online community, monthly events and the annual ‘Unstoppable Summit.’

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Wait for the Better

Several months ago, I was invited to some friends' house to make pizza in their pizza oven.  (Note:  In the interest of full honesty, please know that anytime I tell a story involving me and cooking, you can assume that my role in the actual cooking is...

11 Charlotte Women Biz Owners Share ‘Black Friday’ Deals you Don’t want to miss!

If a 5 AM wake up to battle Game of Thrones-style through the mall sounds less than stellar- how about spending this Black Friday cozily, burrito-wrapped in a fave blanket sipping a hot cider (spiked if you are me) and not only shopping–but SUPPORTING some of Charlotte’s finest women-owned businesses.  (I mean, Amazon is fine is and all -but keeping dollars in our own community and supporting a woman’s dreams is way more enchanting, no?) 

Embracing the “Not 22”

The fashion industry has a way of making me feel old. It seems that everywhere I turn, I see twenty-somethings taking the industry by storm. I see fashion bloggers whose Insta-stories are flawless, because well, they’re 22 and really are “flawless” in terms of...

Call me, strong maybe!

I am not sure how else to put it. I HATE the phone. I do not use the word HATE loosely.... I hate talking on the phone. I have tried to dig into why it is that I hate it so much with no clear understanding. I saw this meme and it made me feel a little bit at peace...