When I opened up Pachyderm Music Lab a few years ago, the goal was to do private music lessons and group classes. I have a daughter who was around 2 at the time and I wanted to do some group classes for kids in her age group. I love working with kids and doing a children’s music class just made sense. It would help to socialize her and connect me with moms in the area.

I started learning kids songs on my guitar and ukulele. It was AWFUL. I’m a bit of a music snob sometimes and after the third go round of “Wheels on the Bus” I was ready to bang my head against the wall. Not only that but the words were hard for me to remember because I wasn’t feeling it, and I had to learn A LOT of songs to fill up a 45 minute time period. UGHHH.

I chose a name that sucked. Pachy Playtime. WTF was I thinking. Pachyderm is weird enough to explain (but I really do stand by that decision. You can learn why here). The final kicker is I was attracting people that weren’t vibing with me. I questioning my sanity as I was writing songs comparing the sizes of animal footprints and I was feeling a little judged ( rightly so). Not that there was anything wrong really with the people coming, some of them were actually amazing (shoutout to Becky). I just would end up with the occasional overprotective uptight momma bear and wonder why I was even doing this.

So, I stopped and breathed in the scent of failure.

Then I was telling my amazing business consultant, Rachel De Bernardo Sheerin (who is a business genius, look her up), about my struggles and she said the most brilliant thing. “Stop doing what everyone else is doing and do a baby class that attracts your tribe.” So I did and it’s freaking badass.

babyPUNK! A class for babies, toddlers and the people that love them. We listen to lullaby versions of rock, punk, and metal songs then participate in creating our own covers. Each class focuses on a different band like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, The Beatles, The White Stripes, Sublime, etc. You don’t have to listen to music that sucks! Get your kids hooked on the good stuff early. We use kazoos so they don’t hear f-bombs and it’s all good! We give the kids sick temporary tats that they flash while they jump around and thrash on drums, guitars and whatever other instruments they want. I have a good time learning covers of music I actually like and going ham with the minis. Parents are cheesing because their ears aren’t bleeding while their kids are wiling out to some music. Everybody wins! Do what you love and attract the people that love what you do!

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