I am not sure how else to put it. I HATE the phone. I do not use the word HATE loosely…. I hate talking on the phone. I have tried to dig into why it is that I hate it so much with no clear understanding. I saw this meme and it made me feel a little bit at peace because I am not alone!  Call me maybe graphic

I have tried everything I can as a business owner to cut out the phone calls. I set up a Google number. I changed my voice mail to say do NOT leave a message, email me. But, I cannot get 100% completely away from having phone calls.

I haven’t tested it, but I am pretty sure when my phone rings and it is not my husband, Mom or sister, my blood pressure shoots up and the anxiety immediately sets in.

Don’t get me wrong- I am not completely removed from phone calls.  We will not start working on a project unless we have a phone call first so it is a part of the process. But, after the contract is signed, I want to minimize the phone calls.

One valid reason for my phone aversion is that I would prefer to have the majority of the interactions and feedback memorialized in writing. It also makes sense from a time perspective:  if we are available by phone all the time, we are getting pulled away from the work that needs to get done.

We have introduced a few ways to communicate other than email with little to no success.  One day Slack and GChat will make sense to all of our clients (I hope), but at this point it is just another piece that we have to educate our clients on how to use.

Sometimes I put the phone in the other room and will pick it back up to 19 text messages. Even then, a part of me caves. It is nice to be thought of, contacted, needed, but sometimes it is overwhelming.

I have not found the perfect balance and I have not found a way to be comfortable with the phone, but I know it is a necessary tool that I have to accept (for now, come on technology)!

Regardless, the bottom line is this:  if you want a quick answer out of me, email is the quickest way to get it!

So, I wanted to ask this question to the readers:  Do you all hate phone calls as much as I do?  All honesty please!  Am I on an island?!  Leave a comment below!

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