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Q: How do you let go of needing other people’s acceptance of what you have stepped out to do? I was raised with my parents praising EVERYTHING. They are worried about my leaving the stability of my 9-5 to pursue my biz dreams, so I hear crickets from them about it. How do I let go of my need to have their support? ~ Charlotte

A: Charlotte, my love! Thank you for sharing this question. There are 2 main themes I’m hearing:

1.You are accustomed to receiving external validation from others. Knowing what other people think of who you are and what you’re up to is like a compass for getting yourself oriented around whether you’re doing the “right” thing. Not receiving the affirmation you’re used to from your parents has you feeling lost in the woods without your compass.

ACTION ITEM: Practice developing your own internal navigation system. We all have all the tools we need to find our way inside of us, already. Notice what those are for you. Is it a physical feeling in your body? A “hunch” that sticks with you? Insights that come up during meditation or prayer? Choose 3-5 internal tools to focus on for the next few weeks. And of course, enjoy the external validation as it comes; just know that you don’t have to rely on it. You have You for that.

2. Your parents frickin’ adore you. All they want for you is your safety and happiness. They don’t actually care how that happens. Ironically, they probably just need a little reassurance from you that you are, indeed, happy, healthy, and so grateful that they believed in you so deeply that you had the courage to create the business of your dreams.

ACTION ITEM: Invite your parents over for dinner. Love them up and tell them thanks.

Now, off you go to be the powerful, Grown-Ass Business Woman that you are. ‘Til next time,

xx Carrie

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