Y’all I am such a YES girl, it isn’t even funny. By nature, if someone asks me to do something, I tend to vigorously nod my head and take on the task full steam.

“You need a discount? I can do that.”
“You need something else added on to your package but don’t have the money?  No worries- I will help.”
“You aren’t my ideal client…. Oh well…I need the money.”

These were just a few of the scenarios that led to my saying “yes.”

When I first started out, I overcommitted in every area. I said yes to things that weren’t even in my wheelhouse which lead to hours of learning new systems or programs to accommodate these projects that I was likely doing for a deeply discounted rate.

I was making money and taking on clients, but it came at a hefty price:  by saying “yes” to every thing that came my way regardless of whether it interested me, I wasn’t able to make room for the clients and projects that were right for me.

I was saying “no” to my ideal opportunities because I was too busy fulfilling all the less than ideal obligations to which I had committed.

Obviously, when we start out in our entrepreneurial journey, we have to say “yes” to some things that might not fit in with our business model to make ends meet and gain experience.  While that is understandable, we must remember that being busy isn’t a sign of success.  As you grow, it is important to learn to be more selective in what you do and for whom you do it.

I recommend that you make a list of the services that you enjoy that your company provides. That’s your “Yes List.” Next,  make a list of things you do not enjoy and do not provide. You guessed it… Your “No list.” Once you have your lists, start researching other amazing women or businesses in your network that offer the things on your No List. Reach out and create a relationship with those groups.  When a client reaches out to you for something on your No List, you can graciously refer them to one of your awesome new friends that offers that service.

By saying “no” to the wrong clients, you are actually serving them better because you have provided them access to someone that will be a better fit for them.  You have also created an opportunity for yourself to leave the door open to saying YES to your ideal client.



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