I am the owner of CoKo Concierge. Our slogan is “We make time so you don’t have to.”  My clients range from stay at home mom’s to chief executive officers and everything in between.  

On a typical morning, I jump out of bed and head to pilates or Pure Barre, take a quick shower and read a devotional.  From that point forward, my focus shifts to my clients and their needs.  I run from one client’s home to another, taking birds to the vet, letting cleaners in, researching kitchen appliances for a client’s remodeling and picking cars up from dealerships. I scarf down lunch while driving as I dash to my next stop.  On most days, I am lucky if I fall asleep by midnight with the noise of the television as my makeshift sound machine.  

Taking care of others is what I love to do, and I am good at it.  But it takes a lot out of me.  Owning your own business is hard work, but it is also damn rewarding.

Most of us who own our own businesses are acting as one woman shows attempting to keep all the balls in the air.  And in spite of how we busy we are, we still find it hard not to keep taking on more and more.  

To be at our bests for our clients, we have to refuel from time to time.  Otherwise, we are running on empty with nothing left to give.  

One of my favorite ways to avoid burnout is to sneak away by myself to a midday matinee.  The movies are a perfect place to unwind. You get no cell service, so you are not tempted to send or receive messages.  It is quiet.  It is dark.  It is peaceful.  And there is even popcorn and snacks if you are so inclined.  And because I go alone, there is no need to plan ahead, coordinate schedules or discuss the movie afterwards.  It is the ultimate “me time.”  

Next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, take yourself on a movie date. You might just see me there!


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