I’m a mom of a 4 year old and my life feels chaotic a lot of the time. It’s weird though, because we do have our typical routines regardless of how busy I am with my business. I finally figured out a way to be less stressed, and it’s making me a better mom and business owner.

My daughter Cadence goes to work with me every day, and sometimes it really sucks. She’s completely unpredictable. Most of the time she is chill and not too needy. But some days she will not stop clinging to me and let me work. And it is usually on the days that I really need to get things done that she clings to me.

The other day she was quiet for too long… a telltale sign that something was wrong.  Sure enough, l found her with a permanent marker going to town on the carpet and walls. After a mini-breakdown, I knew I had to change something.

The next day, I found out I won a full scholarship to Marie Forleo’s B-School (which is f***ing awesome!).  It made me adjust my life very quickly. There was no way I could trust I could just assume I would be able to get my school work done along with my regular work with the way things were.  I had to proactively plan my time the way only I could.

So as difficult as it was, I forced myself to make the necessary changes to accommodate my school work, my regular work and all the other “life work” which has to get done.  The biggest change? Starting my days earlier.

Getting up at 5 a.m. is rough for someone who once lived as a musician, playing music all night and sleeping all day.  But as tough as it was, I was able to make the change pretty quickly once I realized  that my house is quiet, peaceful, and serene before the sun comes up (and that is not my reality most of the time!).

My morning routine involves making tea, doing a sun salutation, and lighting some candles while thinking about things for which I am grateful. This beginning gets my head clear and focused.  My mind is blown by how much I have been getting accomplished in that two and a half hour period. As for my evening, that ritual involves prepping clothes and food for the next day.  I’ll move the carseat if I need to, pack the gym and diaper bag, etc.  Preparations that make the next day run more smoothly.

This change has already been positively impacting my business. I’m being more intentional with my time in so many aspects of my life. Allowing time to sit and focus in the mornings is creating space for me to make better decisions as a biz owner.  It’s also making less stressed out as a mother because I have more time during the day to focus on my mini.

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