The fashion industry has a way of making me feel old. It seems that everywhere I turn, I see twenty-somethings taking the industry by storm. I see fashion bloggers whose Insta-stories are flawless, because well, they’re 22 and really are “flawless” in terms of appearance. (Now I look back at my wedding pictures and realize that my 23 yr old self was only wearing about the same amount of makeup that I now wear to the grocery store. Dude. What happened?!) They don’t have the dark circles under their eyes from years of “adulting” 24/7, and they don’t have the stress lines on their forehead from the balancing act of juggling career, parenthood, marriage, cleaning an ENTIRE house.

Please tell me you at least kind of get me. Unless you are still actually 22….in which case, live it up girly!

A little over a year ago when we started our clothing company, Makaila James, I realized that financially it made the most sense to just have me “model” our products for a while…Well, that thought was terrifying.  Forget the fact that so many other boutiques were using models ten years younger than me; I also had NO clue what I was doing when it came to modeling clothing. News flash: you can’t just stand there and smile. And good posing is NOT as natural as it looks.

I have to be honest: the first few photo shoots were downright hilarious. But, like every badass boss babe knows, sometimes you just do what you’ve gotta do. So I put on my game face…and my best smile…and just kept working at getting better.

The one thing I knew had going for me now versus ten-years-ago me was that my confidence level is completely different now. I know who I am in my 30’s, and I’m all about embracing it fully. While I may have had fewer actual flaws in my 20’s, I saw and obsessed over every single one. Now, you can love me or hate me and it’s all good.  I realized that that confidence goes a long way.

Fast forward to today.  It is over a year later, and we have added a brand team so it is not just me doing photo shoots.  But you know what?  I’m still right there doing the majority of them. I’ve actually learned to kind of like it. Don’t get me wrong…l I still feel silly posing, and I’m fully aware that I’m no pro.  However, I’ve found that our customers  have fully embraced it, so why shouldn’t I?

One of these days, I’ll have to make an album of the thousands of “I’m definitely not a pro” outtakes…just let me know when you need a good laugh!

In the meantime, if there are parts of your business that intimidate or scare you, my advice is to jump right in and give them a try.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

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