I dreamed of owning a boutique ever since I was about 5yrs old.  The question is why did I wait so long?

Why did I spend so many years working for other people’s dreams when

I could’ve just jumped right into my own?

Did those years of helping someone else fulfill their dreams even matter?

I frequently have aspiring early-twenty-something women come to me for advice on starting  a boutique, full of excitement and semi-reckless abandon.   A jaw-dropping (and I mean jaw on the floor) number of them have little-to-no retail experience.

Many of them seem slightly offended when the first thing I recommend is to go out and get some experience under their belt where they can learn from the successes and mistakes of someone else.

They don’t see a need for sitting through years of corporate life to see firsthand how even giant corporations make costly mistakes.

They haven’t felt the stress of household-name companies having to make large personnel cuts.

They haven’t even had to deal with the rigor of a “9 to 5” (ha…wouldn’t those hours be heavenly) with an awful commute and a boss that makes your skin crawl just because you NEED that paycheck and experience on your resume.

And I must admit, I am somewhat jealous that they are able to approach their new venture without the calculated fear/risk that experience brings.

So does experience matter? Yes- yes it does.

All of those things that us biz owners strive to have freedom from are the same things that shape our ability to handle everything entrepreneurship throws our way.

When it is YOU and YOUR bank account going through these same ups and downs that giant companies go through, you willl need to put into practice the things you learned from those experiences.

As you grow, you will need to put systems into place…inventory management, payroll, human resources perhaps. If you’ve never even dipped a toe in those areas before, you’re bound to waste a lot of money “figuring it out” on your own dime.

For these reasons, I am very grateful for every second of soul-draining experience that I gained.

Even with 18 years of experience, there are days when I feel like throwing in the towel.  In those times, I have to remind myself I know what I’m doing.  And THAT is how I know experience will pay off in the long run.

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