Have you heard of The Dottie Rose Foundation? 

No, you say? Well, it’s high time you learned about all of the cool things they are doing and how The Live Loud Collective has pulled together to support this really great organization. 

The Dottie Rose Foundation was created by Live Loud member, Sharon Jones, and officially obtained non-profit status in February of 2018. However, Sharon has been doing her thing- teaching classes and camps for many years- prior to the “official-ness” of it all though.  At the end of 2018, The Dottie Rose Foundation became a recipient of The Live Loud Collective Micro Grant and received $250.  Not only that, but we helped them drum up a little more cash to do good at First Wind Cycling & Fitness (my company) with a Ride for a Cause charity cycling class. 

live loud gives back. micro grant to dottie rose foundation

Why do we all support this organization and its leader? 

Because they are doing great things in our community like running camps that offer hands-on experiential learning so that kids can develop the skill set they need and explore areas of technology that excite them.  They aim to give girls the skills they need to enter leading businesses and solve the business challenges of tomorrow when the time comes. 

So that’s why we care, but what drives Sharon to lead the charge? 

She’s got a self-described passion for education that came from a deep-rooted history of education in her family who pushed for and drove educational opportunities in a rural community early on.  Not only did they push for these opportunities for the community, but her grandparents and parents continually encouraged Sharon to learn and grow.  She translated that passion into The Dottie Rose Foundation, named for her grandmother. 

What does Sharon hope to accomplish? 

This is where it gets really good.  She wants to change the conversation around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) from “there are not enough females in technology” and “STEM is for boys” to “STEM is not only for girls, but they are driving much of the innovation in this country.” We support you, Sharon and we support the girls who are going to change the way we think about and talk about STEM!

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