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Q: What actionable steps can one take to live their best life every single day? ~ Pam B.

A: Hi, Pam! Thanks so much for asking this question! Let’s take a moment to imagine what it would be like for us all (including YOU, my dear!) to be living, breathing, and relishing our most beautiful life,! How we would living our best lives ultimately bring out the best in ourselves, our relationships, our families, our communities, the world? Wow. Seriously: imagine.

Let’s get to living our lives well, shall we?

First things first: It’s essential to get crystal clear on what “living your best life” actually means, to YOU. What are the specific, measurable outcomes that weave together the tapestry of your Best Life? Make a list. Is it having 90% of your meals be comprised of whole foods? Spending 30 minutes each day in the sunshine? Consider blazing past what seems “reasonable,” and instead declare what you actually want. Having multiple orgasms (yes, every day)? Now we’re talkin’! Put it all on the list!

Next, get present to every delicious detail of what a Day in the Life of You, fully living and embodying your Best Life, looks like. One of my favorite practices for supporting my clients in detailing their future vision for themselves is this: Set aside about an hour, get super cozy, pour yourself a glass of something extra special, and get to envisioning. Imagine what waking up in a day in the life of you, living your Best Life. Capture every last tantalizing detail in your mind, and then write it down. This piece is essential: it’s like drawing yourself a roadmap with a clear destination.

Now, consider each of the micro-steps that will take you from where you are now, to that gorgeous and vividly captured day in your future life. Additionally, and this piece is critical, state by when you will achieve each of those micro-steps. That’s right: boldly declare what you will create and when, even if you do not yet know how. Support structures will be invaluable in your doing what it is you say that you want: Living your best life, every day. Accountability partners, meticulous journaling, rewarding yourself each time you meet a goal, hiring a Coach (ahem) will all support you in bringing your gorgeous vision to life.

Get to living, Love.

xx Carrie

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About the Coach: Hi! My name is Carrie. I am a Life Coach, yoga educator, facilitator of life-affirming yoga retreats + teacher trainings, travel junkie, and adventurer seeker. I am committed to Transformation, Empowerment, and Impact: for myself, for my clients, and for the world.


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