In March, Live Loud bosses had the absolute privilege of giving back at Hope Haven in North Charlotte. Hope Haven is a really great foundation that provides life skills for chemically dependent adults and families within a supportive residential environment with the goal of helping these individuals gain independence.

We met up in an on-site classroom and spent the morning putting on a workshop in self care for the female residents of this community. It was nothing short of amazing. We discussed the importance of fitness and nutrition and gave manageable takeaways for everyone to start to integrate these important concepts into their lives. We also talked about emotions: what creates them, how they affect you, and how to manage them. We worked out together, we ate healthy snacks, and we bonded as members of the Charlotte community.

Our day of self care closed with much needed yummy massages for these ladies, hair and makeup touchups that had our ladies feeling like divas, and empowering portraits by our founder herself. The ladies loved every minute of our morning together as did we. What an incredible experience to get to know these women and help bring some self care into their lives. We as entrepreneurs know the importance of physical and mental health in our own lives, so it was an important job to share it with another community of powerful women overcoming obstacles and accomplishing some major goals. It was also a great reminder to take care of ourselves even when time isn’t on our side.

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