Like every entrepreneur, I’ve said 1,000 times, “I don’t have time for ____”.  

Ironically, those things I say I don’t have time for are generally what I need to be doing most.

As entrepreneurs, we are always trying to find time to do “just one more thing.”  Return one more call.  Fit in one more meeting.  

But those things come at a price.  We skip workouts, eat crappy food, and don’t sleep enough.  

Eight years ago, I was eating terribly, barely working out, and sleeping minimally.  I wanted to punch everyone. I was barely making it through a day without a panic attack.  I was not productive.  

Today, I work full-time, run a business, teach classes, and take care of my family.  

What changed?

I sleep a lot, eat pretty healthy, and work out frequently.  I’m happy now.  

The changes I made in my life were not dramatic; their impact certainly was.

I simply made a decision that I was going to take better care of myself.   And then I took advantage of the energy built by healthy habits.

Imagine if you did more good things for yourself.  

Try this:  eat crappy food for a week and stay up late.  The following week, eat healthy food and get to bed early.  Keep track of what you accomplish and how you feel.  

Bottom line:  You don’t need to be perfect, but cutting back on the chicken nuggets might just be the edge you need to level up your game.

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