I have been fortunate to get to be a small part of Live Loud founder Cassandra Bradley’s launching of one of her dreams through the Live Loud Collective.

She is all she seems to be- fiery, brave, funny, stubborn and fiercely loyal to the people she loves and the things she believes in- and those two categories are often one in the same for her I do believe.   In my mind, this group is ultimately an outpouring of her belief in and love for other entrepreneurial women (even if that love is sometimes manifested in the form of a kick in the ass!).

On the Friday before the website launch, we sat hunched over our computers (along with a box of chocolate to keep us inspired of course…) going over the content for the website.  We were amazed by all the articles penned by impressive women and chalked full of truth, humor and valuable advice.

However, there was one glaring absence.  Glaring.

For the section devoted to self-care (“Life Well Lived”) we had virtually no content.  Whoops.

Our initial response?  To fix it of course.  That’s what we do, right?  All of us.  We are problem solvers.

But, as we began to brainstorm topics we could each cover to fill in the holes so the website would be “perfect,” we both stopped ourselves and did something we aren’t so great at- we called ourselves out on our b.s.

Here’s the hard truth:  the lack of articles on self-care was just as important and informative as the abundance of articles on tips for running a successful business.

We may be killing it in our careers ladies, but we appear to be sucking at taking care of ourselves.

So, what are we going to do about it?  Yet another thing we aren’t so great at all the time:  we are going to ask for help.

We welcome you (beg you in fact as we are perfectionists and this nearly blank page is KILLING us) to share with us what you do to take care of yourself or what your company does to take care of others.    Please submit your articles (300 words or less) to lorikeeton@gmail.com,  and we will select some each month to feature- not just to fill the page but hopefully to better fill our lives with balance.

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