I did all the “right” things in my professional journey. I went to college. Then grad school. Then worked
my ass off to obtain licensure in my field.

After years of gradually building my skills, experience, and resume, I found myself making a respectable
living as a mental health professional in private practice.

And then: I quit.

To teach yoga


A self-employed gig with few benefits of substance… and innumerable benefits of soul.


But not before a helluva lot of fretting (about how to support myself), worry (about what other people
would think), and guilt (over changing to one career after years spent building another).


Because I knew in my heart that it was the work I needed to be doing.

Because I felt the most like myself when I was teaching yoga than when I was doing anything else.

Because I had something special to offer, and knew my community needed it.

What was the advice that finally tipped the scales?

It came from my Mom. It was during a conversation in which I was relaying said fretting, worry, and

At some point, I paused to take a breath, and she said the words that would change my life:

“Baby, you’ve got to let that go.”


What? It’s that simple?


If the thing that’s keeping you from moving forward headlong into the career/relationship/life of your
dreams is worrying about what other people are going to think about it, the best advice I can give you is
exactly what my Mama said to me:

Baby, you’ve got to let that go.

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