I am sure you have heard this song…

“I ain’t trading my youth for no suit and jacket
I ain’t giving my freedom for your money and status
So don’t say I’m getting older
‘Cause I’ll say it when I do

‘Cause everybody I know, everybody I know
Is growing old, is growing old too quickly
And I don’t wanna go
No how am I supposed to slow it down so I can figure out who I am?”
-Judah & Lion

I sing along to it once a day.  On one of those days, I took a rare moment of brain rest and actually listened to the words as I was singing them.  And out of curiosity I looked them up.  The line I heard first was…”slow it down so I can figure out who I am”….and I thought…that!  That is what I need.

I need for things to slow down so I can figure it out.  Life is literally flying by.  I blink and days are gone.  All I have done is sit at the computer.  While I may be making magic on that computer, I am sure it is not what I will look back on and appreciate about my life.

I also really appreciate that this band acknowledges that everyone is growing old too quickly.  Again, I blink and I am 38 years young.  Never married (changing that status in 2018).  No children.  A new botox user.  Just figuring out that I can drink every night… but I will pay dearly.  That 8 + hours of sleep is not overrated and “I can sleep when I am dead” does not help my aging body.  Spending time with my family is the most fun I will ever have…ever.  And that “Thank You” and “I Am Sorry” are the most important things you can say in a relationship.  So, I am here now.

But I have no idea how to figure out who I am.

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