Several months ago, I was invited to some friends’ house to make pizza in their pizza oven.  (Note:  In the interest of full honesty, please know that anytime I tell a story involving me and cooking, you can assume that my role in the actual cooking is virtually non-existent.)  As one of my friends was taking the first batch of pizzas out of the oven and putting in the second batch, he told us that the subsequent batches would be better than the first because the pizza stone would be properly heated and seasoned from cooking the first batch.

In response, all of the adults simply nodded our heads as we were too busy shoving pizza in our mouths to say anything.  In marked contrast, my friends’ young daughter sat completely still, watching all of us chow down on the first batch of pizzas.  When we eyed her somewhat quizzically (between bites of course), she shrugged her shoulders and provided the most simple- but brilliant- response to our unspoken question:  “I’m going to wait for the better.”

And that is exactly what she did.  

When the better pizzas came out of the oven, she was able to enjoy every single bite because she had not filled up on the average.  The rest of us, on the other hand, were full from the average.  Did that stop us entirely from eating some of the better?  Of course not.  It’s pizza for God’s sake! But, we certainly enjoyed it less than we otherwise would have.  And in the end, we were too full from having consumed both the average and the better. 

How often in life do we do that very same thing?  We are so… hungry… for the opportunity or the relationship or the client that we settle for the average instead of waiting for the better that is coming.

Over the last two years of owning my own business, I have definitely found myself tempted by the average at times.  

And I don’t think I am alone in that.  

That “average” sure can look downright amazing when your calendar is looking a little sparse and your bank account a little low. Right?

Once you put on your “fear googles” (what I call the entrepreneur’s version of beer goggles) and your insecurities come out in full force to join the party and to remind you that better might not be coming, that “average” opportunity suddenly seems like more than enough.   

And then, when better does arrive, we either miss out on it entirely because we are so consumed by the average or we can’t thoroughly enjoy it because we are so compromised from our time with the average.

Don’t eat that first batch.

Don’t let your fear googles make you see yourself as something less than what you are.

Don’t be so worn down from chasing things not meant for you that you wind up missing what is meant for you. 

Wait for the better- even if it scares you to do so. 

You deserve it- and it deserves you.  The best you.

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