I am extremely late jumping on the bandwagon with podcasts. I think that I was a guest on a podcast before I even really listened to one all the way through. But, I am now a member of the Murderinos bandwagon.

I knew I loved true crime shows, but now that love has been taken to a whole knew level with podcasts.  I am totally hooked.  You have to really visualize what is happening and the creative part of my brain goes crazy.

Let me step back for a minute and explain what Murderinos are:  it’s a group of women who are members of the My Favorite Murder Podcast. And while I do listen to that one, it is not my favorite. But all my favorite ones seem to have something in common- they fall into the True Crime category.

Here is a sampling of my favorites in case you are looking for a bit of an escape or exercise for your creative mind:

1. Up and Vanished – https://upandvanished.com/ This is by far the most amazing podcast I have ever listened to. Twists, turns, seriously listen NOW.

2. Atlanta Monster – From the same makers of Up and Vanished. This well known story deserved to be retold. https://atlantamonster.com/

3. Criminal – https://thisiscriminal.com/- This is actually my  second favorite after Up and Vanished. Every week is a new story of unexpected criminals. It is humbling that at any minute any of us could be come criminals, and these stories will show you how.

4. S Town – https://stownpodcast.org This podcast also takes a really interesting turn that you do not see coming! Great listen!

I know that I should be spending my time listening to business building or self development podcasts, but there is just something about the true crime topic that has me addicted.  And we all deserve a break every now and again, don’t we?

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