Something I hear often from my clients is, “I didn’t have time for lunch,” while simultaneously rushing into our Coaching sessions with a protein bar in hand. And I gently remind them that taking care of our well-being, including EATING, for goodness sakes, is not optional for powerful, successful leaders and entrepreneurs. In service of all my time-strapped peeps (myself included), here are my recs for 3 locally owned spots to grab a delicious vegetarian lunch (‘cause we want something tasty that we also feel good about putting in our bodies, am I right?) in the midst of your busy day. I’ve purposefully not included Fern and Luna’s because ya’ll already know about those. I know because I see lots of you there, every time I go.

1.       Not Just Coffee – Park Rd location. A client randomly chose this spot for a meeting a few weeks back. I’m all about a mid-day caffeine buzz, so of course I was a yes. I was pleasantly surprised to see a number of tasty lunch items on the menu as well, and ordered up a fabulous roasted veggie and grain bowl to accompany my latte.

2.       Dish – This Plaza Midwood mainstay has been a neighborhood favorite for years. I love that every time I go, I get to see a diverse mix of neighbors lunching, from retired folks, to business-clad bankers, to stay-at-home dads, to the hippest of the hipsters. There are lots of veg options on the menu here, but my favorite thing to order is an old school veggie plate, complete with collards and black eye peas. Hint: everything comes with a deviled egg and a homemade biscuit, so it’s definitely the spot for those days when you need an extra dose of comfort.

3.       Halcyon. When you’re aiming to impress, this is the place to come. Adjacent to the Mint Museum, this spot offers beauty and elegance in addition to locally sourced ingredients. The menu is definitely not veg specific, so you’ll need to get creative, but I promise that whatever you select will have you licking your plate (not that I speak from experience or anything…).

There you have it, gals. Go forth and lunch. Fuel yourselves abundantly, so that you can have all the energy you need to create and connect and work and play well.

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