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Q: I always thought I would work for a company, and never thought I would have the gusto to start my own business! I have a family and it scares me to death to walk away from my job, but my passion is beginning to speak louder. How do we know when to jump?? ~ Sharon

A: Sharon, I’m so glad you brought this. Wherever we are in the process of choosing to be our own CEO, we’ve all taken a turn with this question. I picture you standing on the edge of a precipice, looking over the edge, ready to take the leap of faith that is required to move forward, yet scared as hell to jump. Some of us are so afraid of the unknown that we never do take that leap. And that’s fine. To be clear, entrepreneurship is not for everyone. It’s for dreamers and risk takers. It’s for those of us whose passion is too big to be contained in a 9 to 5. It’s for those of us who refuse to live life from someone else’s script.

So: How DO you know when to jump?

First, consider the practicalities. Do you have the tools, resources, and support you need to begin? Do you have a plan for where to start and where you’ll go? If yes, full steam ahead, sister. If no, perhaps take some time to get your needs met in these areas. Consider hiring a business strategist to help you identify your vision, and create an action plan to support you in taking the leap.

Second, consult your heart. Do you have a clear mission or “what for?” Does your innate wisdom (separate from your fear) say GO? Is your life’s passion, as expressed through your business, so important to you that it’s worth it to you to try, regardless of the outcome? If yes, shine on, love. If no, consider getting clear on your “what for,” and moving forward from there. A good biz and/or life coach can support you in this.

Bottom line: no one can tell you when’s the right time to jump, or if there even is a “right” time. There is simply this: You choosing, and empowering your choice.

Here’s to empowering your choice.

xx Carrie

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