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Q: I’ve been in business for several years, and have recently experienced a loss of mojo for my work. I can’t seem to get inspired, and it’s affecting my profitability. What can I do to get back in the game? ~ Casey

A: Casey, you’ve asked a question many of us have tangled with at one point or another, whether in business, relationship, or elsewhere in life. In short: it used to feel good, and now it doesn’t. Now what?

I have some places for you to look:

  1. Tell it like it is.

Whether it’s in your business or relationship, continuing to go through the motions and expecting something to change usually doesn’t go well. By getting it out in the open, as you have here, you have the opportunity to take new action from an empowered place. I suspect you’ve got some feeling and emotions swirling around your space about this; consider giving yourself a time-limited venting session, whether to a trusted friend or in writing (I recommend shredding afterward). Once you’ve completed your purposeful venting, it should feel that you’ve expressed every last bit of what you have to say.

  1. Remind yourself why you went into business in the first place.

What did you work your ass off to do, be, create, or contribute? Can’t remember? Go back and re-read some of your earliest drafts of your biz plan. Alternately, for those of us who may have mapped out our businesses on the back of pastry shop napkins fueled by sugar and caffeine (ahem), or in a collage of bleary eyed, after-midnight Facebooks messages to our nearests and dearests because our ideas were just too damn exciting to keep to ourselves: get back in touch with that fire. That fire’s still there, sister, it just needs its flamed fanned.

  1. Create an action plan, with tangible goals that are in line with your Why.

Once you’ve reconnected with your Why, either recommit to your original goals, or perhaps rework your goals if you’ve outgrown your original ones. Just be sure that they support your bigger vision; otherwise, you’ll end up right back in the same disenchanted boat again. Design milestones that have you moving forward toward what it is that you will create… and don’t forget to reward yourself along the way! Seriously: don’t underestimate the power of a juicy reward for your efforts, given from you, to you.

By the way, if this all sounds like a foreign language or something best done in partnership with support and accountability, please reach out. It’s my job to support people in doing and being what it is that they want in business and life.

Sending you a great big dose of mojo,


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