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Carrie Wren, Life + Small Biz Coach

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Q: How does one love freely without getting hurt, or better yet overcome all of their pain from past experiences to be able to open up and accept the love they desire? ~ D.S

A: D, I’m so glad you asked. We have all had the experience of getting heartbreak. It feels kind of like dying a slow death, over and over, until it finally doesn’t anymore. After an experience like that, of course we are hesitant to give it another go. Why in the world would we sign up for that level of pain again? Here’s why: because love and connection are fundamental aspects of our human experience. When we shut ourselves off from love, it’s effectively like giving ourselves an emotional amputation. Here’s another reason: because loving and being loved is f-ing amazing. It’s why we’re willing to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and try again.

Love is inherently accompanied by this disclaimer: you might get hurt. It’s like going skydiving. Skydiving is inherently risky. Before you strap on your parachute and head up in the sky, you are required to sign a liability waiver that says something like, “I realize I could get hurt, possibly really badly. I accept that risk, and choose to have this mind-blowingly astounding experience anyway.”

The bottom line is that we have a couple choices: we can either choose to protect our hearts and opt out of all potential opportunities to experience giving or receiving love (whomp, whomp), OR we can take a deep breath and jump right out into what may be the most exhilarating experience of your life. ß I’ll take that, please.

Let me know what you choose. I’ll be rooting for you.



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