Picture this: you’ve come up on your End of Year Review (remember those from when you worked for someone else?). You have been asked to rate yourself on how well you are meeting your needs in the following areas over the past year:

·       Sleep habits

·       Eating routine

·       Emotional expressiveness

·       Movement

·       Play

·       Connection with friends, family, lover, higher power

·       Intellectual stimulation

·       Sexuality

·       Finances

How would you rate yourself? Would you have “exceeded expectations” and be up for a promotion; in this case, leveling up your life, your relationships, your business? Or would you be asked to take on some training to support you in excelling at your job – i.e. your wellbeing?

My prediction is that you likely are busy/overwhelmed/stressed/insert other disempowering narrative as it applies to your life, and have some “opportunity for growth” around handling your well-being like the boss that you are.

So… what now? Start by asking yourself these 3 questions:

1)      What is the impact is of your not handling your well-being? Who and what suffers? Your family, your partner, your business, your health?

2)      What would taking excellent care of yourself make possible?

3)      What 10 items do you need to do on an every-damn-day basis to meet your mental, physical, social, and other needs? Make a list, and work toward meeting each of your needs.

If this all sounds like a marvelous idea, yet you have no idea HOW, please reach out. It’s my job to support powerful people in living amazing businesses and lives, AND rocking out their well-being. You can reach me at hello@carriewren.com

About Carrie: Carrie is a Life + Small Business Coach, Yoga Teacher, facilitator of yoga teacher trainings and international retreats. She is committed to supporting her clients to integrate Self-Care as a cornerstone of empowered businesses, relationships, and lives. Read more at www.CarrieWren.com

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