Last month, the Live Loud Collective visited Classroom Central to help teachers from schools serving students in poverty equip themselves with school supplies. Only a few of us actually knew that Classroom Central existed before our visit, but now we of course can’t wait to go back for more community service time. We were given various tasks like helping teachers shop, loading their cars, and helping them spin a wheel to win really cool stuff for their classrooms.

Classroom Central receives most of their supplies from large organizations such as Target and lots of local organizations like churches who set up drives to collect pencils, pens, notebooks, and more. Those supplies are then donated to teachers who bring everything back to their students.

Classroom Central is on a mission to get school supplies to students living in poverty in six school districts across North and South Carolina, and we are happy to help because formative education is the foundation to living a life of passion!

Did you miss this event?  Don’t worry.  Community service is our thang!

We have an amazing event lined up for you next month with Hope Haven, an organization that provides life skills for chemically dependent adults and families within a supportive residential environment. Their goal is to help everyone in their community live independently. We pondered what the Live Loud bosses could do with Hope Haven that would be special and a fit for their mission. We came up with this. We’re going to do a half day self-care workshop for the women in the community. We’re going to bring them fitness, nutrition, empowering photos, and more to get them loving on themselves and learning essential skills. The day is still taking shape, so if you want to participate and have a skill you want to offer for the greater good, contact me at Let’s see what amazing things we make happen together.

Live Loud Gives Back will happen each and every month. While we have a few things lined up, we’re always looking for ideas. Do you have a non-profit you are particularly passionate about or do you have a story you’d like to see covered? Holler at me!

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