In August, the LLC crew volunteered again with Girls Rock Charlotte (GRC), an organization we just LOVE.  We decided that since we’ve written a bit about GRC before, this month we would dig a little deeper into what makes this particular non-profit so special and we sat down with Live Loud member and Music Director/Magic Maker for GRC Krystle Baller.  She shared with us why she is a volunteer for and loves this organization and why you should too.

Volunteering with Girls Rock Charlotte

Karen (Director of Doing Good Things): How long have you been involved with GRC?

Krystle: 5 years

Karen: Why do you do it?

Krystle: I do this work because I love the kids and I want to help create a better future.  It has been the most rewarding experience of my life to see my students grow and embrace each other as they step into their own unique power. It’s life changing and they carry these experiences to school with them and help shift their peers to a more inclusive headspace.  My teen years were so hard.  I’ve become the person I needed when I was a teen.

Karen: Tell me about one of the most impactful moments you’ve had with GRC.

Krystle: One of the girls I’ve been working with was rehearsing with her band at GRC Kids Camp and a newer camper was having a hard time with her part and beating herself up about it.  She saw the new camper’s frustration and immediately went over to her and helped her by encouraging her in the exact same manner I do.  It’s been very impactful for my to see the kids I teach grow to be teachers.

Girls Rock Charlotte

Karen: Why should people get involved with GRC?

Krystle: Because it’s giving girls a platform to speak up.  It’s powerful and inspiring.  We get this view of the world from social media that is often very dark.  Want to see how bright the future is?  Hang out with some kids.  Working with these incredible youth will help you just as much, if not more, than you are helping them.

Want to volunteer with GRC?  Look out for our next LLC event or contact Krystle!

More Info on GRC Here:

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