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The Live Loud Collective

We’re Charlotte based and 100-percent focused on female entrepreneurs.
A community of fearless and fiery Charlotte, N.C.-based female entrepreneurial muses and visionaries who celebrate the art of living loud by creating and growing businesses are core values that support each member’s individual definition of success and joy through an =online community, monthly events and the annual ‘Unstoppable Summit.’

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Attract Your Tribe

When I opened up Pachyderm Music Lab a few years ago, the goal was to do private music lessons and group classes. I have a daughter who was around 2 at the time and I wanted to do some group classes for kids in her age group. I love working with kids and doing a...

Change Your Routine, Change Your Life

  I’m a mom of a 4 year old and my life feels chaotic a lot of the time. It’s weird though, because we do have our typical routines regardless of how busy I am with my business. I finally figured out a way to be less stressed, and it’s making me a better mom and...

You Are A Badass….Well, Duh

When I first started really digging into the planning stages of launching my business, I read so many praises of the book “You are a Badass”… people going on about how it had changed their whole outlook, given them a new business strategy, or even revitalized a...

How to Let Go of Needing Everyone’s Approval

From Good Girl to Grown-Ass Woman Carrie Wren, Life + Small Biz Coach Submit your most pressing Life, Leadership, Relationship, or other quandaries, and I'll pick one each month to respond to in the column. In addition, the lucky chosen inquirer will receive a...

Figuring Out Your Next Moves in Business and Life

Have you put everything you have into starting a business and then found yourself wondering, "Is this really what I'm supposed to be doing?" If so, you are not alone. We tend to pour all of ourselves into making our entrepreneurial enterprises flourish, and our work...

A Case For Ethics

On the plane back from Australia, I watched a documentary on Warren Buffett. One quote that really spoke to me came from Buffett’s partner, Charlie Munger.  Charlie said “Both of us know that we’ve done better by having ethics.” Berkshire Hathaway has a lot of...

Hire Great People, Not Great Resumes

Imagine the best employee/employer situation you’ve enjoyed. Now, ask yourself a few questions. What fueled the creativity and built the partnership? Was it incredible PowerPoint presentation ability, a 4.0 GPA in college, or extracurricular interests? Or was it the...