Entrepreneurs are tired.

We are really, really tired

Now, we don’t mind being tired. After all, we became entrepreneurs because we thrive
on the slightly manic pace of being CEO/COO/CFO of our life. And there’s an
excitement, sometimes, in being tired because we’re killing it in our business.

But, sometimes, the tiredness is the soul-sucking kind of tiredness. The kind that sits on
your chest and makes it hard to breathe. The kind that makes it really hard to get out of
bed. That tiredness is the kind we can’t ignore. That kind of tiredness needs some self-

Now, here’s the point in the article where you think I am going to  encourage you to get a massage, take a bath, go for a walk, etc. But, I have a different idea for you.

I was thinking about why, as an entrepreneur, I get so tired. And, for me, I get so tired
because I’m always running. I’m running after the next contact, the next social media
post, the next event, the next, the next, the next. I’m never finished, it’s always ‘the
next’. And whenever I think about skipping ‘the next’, I worry that I’ll miss my next
opportunity. I say, “You never know, there may be somebody there that will help lift your
business to the next level.”

The next.

Here’s where the different idea for self-care comes in: set some goals. Meet those
goals. Rest. Set goals for the year and then break those goals down to monthly and then
daily goals. Meet those goals… and then rest.

Setting goals helps us avoid always chasing after the elusive ‘next’. Because I’ve learned there is ALWAYS another next and it never ends. It’s a vicious cycle of chasing something into a never-ending horizon.

Break that cycle… and then rest.

Our guest author, Jackie Radford, is an artist, introvert and navel gazer. Jackie in one sentence:
“The life of a contemplative is the life for me. I throw in some dirt and growing things, mix with a good cup of coffee and I thrive.”  If you would like to contact Jackie, her email address is jackieradford@carolina.rr.com


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