Recently, I learned about a brand new non-profit here in the Queen City on a mission to support mamas in their journey of motherhood (no matter where on that spectrum they fall) that we should all get to know. That non-profit is called Keep It Real Mommy and it was founded by and is led by a really special Charlotte mom named Danielle Adamczyk. Danielle founded the group just this year with the hopes of providing support for the mind, body, and soul of mothers in their lives postpartum and beyond. This is an area I myself am not yet familiar, but I’ve seen Danielle do her thing and have come to realize that this is a much needed and much appreciated mission and the resources she is providing are invaluable.

keep it real mommy

I have been so impressed with Danielle in what she is doing as this was an idea born from (no pun intended) very impactful personal experiences and she’s got as much passion as you’ll find anywhere. Sometimes, we see what I like to call “unorganized passion” in these types of ventures though, where people mean well and want to do good, but they kick off and just go with the flow not necessarily prepared for what lies ahead. Ideas get lost, things get messy. Not always a recipe for success. Danielle however moved forward creating her organization pretty much as prepared as one can be writing her own business plan and creating a business model before applying for 501c3 status in May.

Since starting her work, Danielle has been creating a community of and for fierce moms who want to be real just like her. She plans to provide organized resources and programs as she builds and grows to encourage and empower mothers to focus on their emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. She’s already running with some of these ideas and the turnout has been impressive. Keep an eye out for future Give Back opportunities with Keep It Real Mommy or to get involved on your own or learn more, check out their website:


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