If you know me personally, or even if you just know me on Insta, you know that I’m really into health and fitness. I recently decided to throw away the scale. Many fitness experts recommend it, but following through with that is harder than you’d think. For someone who spent seven years battling an eating disorder through high school and college, the scale truly dominated my life for a long time. Even in all the years since then, though my general outlook has been much healthier, I’ve still always allowed the scale to be the measurement of how “successful” my health and fitness endeavors are. It’s been ridiculously freeing to throw it away. I now base my fitness thought process on how strong I am, on my confidence looking in the mirror, on knowing that I’m fueling my body with as many natural things as possible, and so on. If I need a general guide as to whether I’m staying in track, I can get a good feel for that by how my clothes are fitting.

What in earth does this have to do with business? All too often I think we use the “scale” of other businesses’ success to measure our own. Whether you want to call it the comparison game or just being at a point where we’re not sure yet how to measure our success, we often look to the scale that others have set rather than looking inward. While we can occasionally look to them as a general barometer of “how our clothes are fitting”, there are much more important things we should devote our attention to. What is success to YOU? What did YOU hope to accomplish…and how quickly…when you started your biz? When we use the scale of someone else’s success, we quickly lose sight of things like the strengths that set our business apart in the first place. So ditch that scale and start paying attention to the health and goals of your own business! You’ll be amazed how much more you accomplish when you are laser focused on those things rather than some abstract scale of someone with a different vision and different goals.

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