As entrepreneurs, we understand at some point – something’s gotta give. We can’t spend all our time and energy on growing our business AND all our time and energy on looking and feeling our best. That’s not how things work, unfortunately!

Somewhere along the line we make a subconscious choice. We tend to get so excited and hyped up in growing our business as fast as we can that all of a sudden we’re busy with back-to-back meetings, scheduling social media posts, writing newsletters and blogs, figuring out how to market ourselves, track our expenses, etc…and usually our health suffers because of it. At some point, it’ll come full circle and our business will suffer too. Afterall, who can function on little to no sleep, fast food, and constant stress all the time?

So here are 3 tips to invite more balance into your life and move toward looking & feeling your best even owning your own business:

Balance the Stress

Being in a constant state of stress puts our body in a sympathetic stress response state, which has been shown to cause increased insulin and cortisol which can lead to weight gain, inability to lose weight or weight loss resistance, fat deposits around the midsection, stomach pains, bloating, and leaky gut, decreased day in day out calorie burning capacity due to decreased muscle building, increase risk for high blood pressure, weak immune system, cholesterol plaque build up, low energy, and a long list of physiologic parameters that are key factors in weight loss and overall health.

DANG! So let’s do something about that. It’s time to bring your body out of that state daily – even if it’s just for a total of 20 minutes. Think of things you can do that bring you into a calm, relaxed state. Deep breathing exercises, guided meditation, yoga class, adult coloring, walk, listen to music, stretch, etc. Make it  your own, and make it a priority.

Eat Nutritious Food

Imagine it’s lunchtime, you go out to eat with a client, and you order a big, delicious salad with tons of fun mix-ins. How would you feel the afternoon when you get back to work? Now imagine the same scenario, but you order pizza and have some chicken wings. Now how would you feel? What we put in our bodies can make us feel energized, focused, inspired, motivated, and all around amazing or tired, distracted, unmotivated, and like we’d rather call it a day early and watch Netflix.

It’s SO important to give your body what it needs to do what you want it to do. No time to cook? That’s fine! There are TONS of healthy meal delivery options in Charlotte, like Fit You Meals, The Green Bunny, Nourish, The Good Kitchen, Lean Nation, My Food Prepper

Stay Hydrated

Ok don’t roll your eyes 🙂 Hydration is SO important to overall health and wellness, and ultimately the quality of work you produce in your business. Being adequately hydrated increases energy and relieves fatigue, flushes out toxins, promotes healthy skin, aids in regularity, proper digestion, prevents headaches and pain, improves mood, and MORE! Want help drinking more water? Check out this Daily Water Tracker App or add fruit/herbs/veggies or flavor drops to flavor your water naturally or set reminders on your phone to remind your to chug & refill. Aim for 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day.


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