Albert Einstein once said: Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.

Our thoughts and beliefs tend to go on behind the scenes on autopilot so we don’t even notice them on a regular basis. They directly determine our results and are the root of self-sabotaging behaviors if they’re not productive. We can’t control what initially pops into our head, but we can control what we pay attention to or put energy into, and have the power to flip them into something constructive or a positive affirmation. This changes the whole chain of events to work in our favor!

Here’s a breakdown of how your mindset works:
Your thoughts evoke emotions or feelings that inspire action that forms your reality

Here’s an example:

It starts with a trigger, a circumstance:
My circumstance is I have a LOT of tasks on my To Do list for the day.

Next comes a thought:
In looking them over, I tell myself “OMG I’m so busy, I’ll never get all this done!”

That thought evokes a feeling:
Thinking this way makes me feel really stressed and anxious.

Your feelings inspire action:
When I feel stressed and anxious, my action is to self-soothe, procrastinate to feel more calm

Your actions form your reality:
That gives me my reality of not getting the things done I needed to, and instead watching a mini Netflix marathon of Friends episodes

You’re not “failing” if you have negative thoughts- we all have them, but the core idea to practice is re-directing or re-framing your thoughts to be more constructive or even try to add in a positive affirmation. That will change how you feel, which will impact your actions, to give you more favorable results.

In the example above, if I caught myself soon after my initial thought and flipped it to something more constructive, like “I have a lot to do but I know I can get it all done,” I would have felt way more calm, probably even motivated to get started which would have resulted in checking off all the things on my list. How can you apply this concept in your life?

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