leaders of the pack.

Cass Bradley

Founder, Chief Mischief Maker

Bluesky/Bungalow 1325/The Live Loud Collective



Cleveland-born but NC-rooted.

A story-teller and moment-protector. Spark-ignitor and serial-entrepreneur.

At my core, I have an advocate heart and get ‘3-lattes-fired up’ when surrounded by people trying to make dreams a reality.

Im an extroverted-introvert
A short girl with a tall mouth
Ideas set my soul on fire

I believe:

In arriving maverick-style bearing ‘whiskey, weapons a shovel and a plan.’

If you cant handle the truth we will mostly never be best friends

It is our ‘job’ to embolden those around us

It is perfectly okay to be “bossy.” (Especially if the ‘y’ is silent)

I left the corporate ’15-year golden handcuffs’ for camera straps and the launching of entrepreneurial ships and I am at my absolute best when surrounded by fellow fearless and fiery game-changers.

More of my ideas have “failed” than succeeded. (But the ones that have stood —make me joyous, and proud, and pay our mortgage payments consistently.)

I intend to use every. damned. crayon. in the box.

Lori Keeton

Co-Director of Wordsmithery

The Law Offices of Lori Keeton



I am a native Mississippian- a fact which leads to LOTS of assumptions being made about me.

It used to bother me. Not so much anymore. (Ditto for so many things.)


I am a paradox.
I love the sound… of quiet.
I love kids… but have none of my own.
I am a litigator… who hates conflict.


My goal-both personally and professionally-is to leave people better than I find them.


Since launching my own business, I feel like I have been standing on my tiptoes non-stop.
I have pushed myself and stretched myself more than ever before.


I am tired, scared and uncertain of myself a lot of the time.


But I wouldn’t trade a second of it.


Above all, I am incredibly thankful that this journey has allowed me to get to know so many incredible people… most of all, myself.

Aisha Thomas

Director of Event Magic

Aisha Thomas Events



NC Born- but Mississippi blood runs thru my veins (both parents went to High School together and grew up 10 minutes apart)
Army Brat

Travel is in my soul

Mexican Food!!

More than an event planner. I consider myself a strategic thinker!

Create artistry and fulfill visions — not because it’s trendy
Badass with a touch of glam  (I gave myself permission to be who I am  and won’t apologize for it!)
I make bold moves

When not in heels I’m in sneakers.  -I’m a tomboy who loves to dress up.

I’ve been an athlete since the age of 10 and I’m convinced that I sweat glitter.

Left the corporate world after 12 years and haven’t looked back.
I am creating my OWN lane

Karen Hill

Director of Doing Good Things

First Wind Cycling & Fitness




I am that Unicorn. The one that grew up in Charlotte and tells you about how things used to be.


My mom always tells me that my best quality is that I am so passionate and my worst quality is that I am SO passionate.


I love my community and everyone in it.
I want people to realize and surpass their potential and understand that no obstacle is too big to overcome.

I believe in small steps.
I believe in persistence.
I believe in doing the right thing always.
I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky.

I am very much on my first wind in every way possible.  Everything I’m doing is new and exciting and I am loving every second of it except for the seconds where I’m scared out of my mind.


I love what my life has become because I went out on my own and I love all of the ways I get to connect with the people around me.


I am an entrepreneur. I know passion because I live it every day.

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